Past Student Trustees

Cindy Wang

Cindy Wang was a grade 12 student at Oakville Trafalgar High School and a first-term HDSB Student Trustee. Prior to being elected, Cindy served as a Secondary student senator for a year and as the Secondary representative on the Mental Health Advisory Team for a year. As a Student Trustee, she hoped to empower student voice as a means to ensure positive educational experiences for all. In her free time, you can find Cindy running school clubs, writing, or finding a new TV show to cry over. 

Ethan Ruggiero 

Ethan Ruggiero was a grade 12 student at Dr Frank J Hayden Secondary School. This was Ethan’s first term as a Student Trustee for the HDSB. Prior to being elected Student Trustee, Ethan served a term as student senator, was appointed Senate Regional Director for Burlington and served on the HDSB Indigenous Subcommittee. As Student Trustee, he eagerly anticipated working with the next generation of leaders to find innovative solutions to address the challenges students face within our board. In Ethan’s free time, you can find him leading school clubs, sitting on advisory boards, heading to the nearest jazz festival or playing trumpet.