Mental Health & Well-Being

Student Senate: Mental Health Poster Contest Summer 2021

Over the summer, the HDSB Student Senate led a Mental Health poster contest for students in grades 7-12. This contest was created and led by Secondary Senators Katie MacDonald and Abiha Gondal, under the guidance of Student Trustees Vandy Widyalankara and Evan Taylor, as well as Staff Advisor VP Luisa Botelho. There were many excellent submissions which made the judging process very challenging.

Ultimately the judges awarded 1st place to Anandita G. (grade 8 Falgarwood), 2nd place to Ella M. (grade 12 GDHS) and 3rd place to Uzair G. (grade 10 APHS). This was the first ever initiative the Student Senate ran over the summer. We hope to offer similar opportunities for HDSB students this 2021-2022 school year.

Anandita Gadgil Gr. 8 - Mental Health Poster Contest Entry - Anandita Gadgil [Student] (1).pdf

1st Place Anandita G.

G.8 Falgarwood

2nd Place Ella M.

Gr.12 GDHS

3rd Place Uzair G.

Gr.10 APHS




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