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Non-Student Senate Subcommittees Application 

Are you passionate about advocating for student voice on board topics? The HDSB Student Senate is looking for students outside of the Student Senate to join our subcommittees! This year we will be searching for 4-6 students from each region (Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville) from grades 7-12 to join one of our five (5) subcommittees: Equity and Inclusion, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Environmental Leadership, Indigenous Perspectives & Awareness, and Learning and Achievement. 

Students can apply to as many subcommittees but they will only be selected for a maximum of one subcommittee. 

DECEMBER 20TH, 2023 deadline for HDSB Students 

Applications/Selections CLOSE 11:59PM 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us: 

The Student Trustees:

More about the Student Senate Subcommittees can be found below


The Purpose of the Student Senate Subcommittees are to work collaboratively with others to carry out and support student senate goals and the HDSB Multi Year Plan (2020-2024). These goals include challenges, problems and difficulties that student across the HDSB may face at school.  There are 5 subcommittees which are listed below. 

More about the Student Senate Subcommittee - click here

Equity & Inclusion Subcommittee

The purpose:  We would like to provide opportunities for students to create and lead conversations surrounding a variety of topics that relate to Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion in our Board, schools and classrooms. Furthermore, to have a safe and inclusive  forum to discuss our role as student senators in creating and sustaining anti-oppresicve and anti-racist culture by working on porjects that support inclusive and reaffirming all identities in our Board.

Mental Health & Well-Being Subcommittee

The purpose: The past 10 months have been anything but ordinary, constantly finding one challenge after another. Now, with COVID-19, the awareness of mental health has become more important than ever before. As we live in these once-in-a-lifetime events, the Mental Health Committee has put their minds together to help create a school board with more awareness.

Learning & Achievement Subcommittee

The purpose: This group of  students are working on all things related to learning conditions in our schools. We have high expectations for all our students to do well in school and for this to happen it is important that those making decisions have the input of student senators. There are many things that relate to the day to day learning and achievement from the different technologies, content delivery, assessment and evaluation, elearning, pathways and SHSMs, destreaming, students with an IEP, English Language Learners Profile, and student success plan, and much more.

Environmental Leadership Subcommittee

The purpose: we are dedicated to spreading environmental awareness and to deepen opportunities to learn about the connection between environment, social justice and climate. We also want to be involved in projects and initiatives that will elevate local environmental needs and purposes.

Indigenous Perspectives and Awareness Subcommittee

The purpose: we would like to promote knowledge and understanding of Indigenous realities by providing our peers a whole community approach in how as settlers we have impacted the past and the present.