Mental Health and Well-Being Advisory Committee

The Student Senate approves the launch of the Mental Health & Wellbeing Leadership Committee with the main purpose to address the void of student perspective within HDSB Mental Health Strategy through fostering dialogue regarding mental health issues that commonly affect HDSB students.

What is it about?

The Student Senate approves the launch of the HDSB Mental Health & Wellbeing Student Advisory  Committee to address the void of student perspective within the HDSB Mental Health Strategy.

The committee will be responsive to the evolving needs and preferences of HDSB students by discussing gaps and emerging issues related to student mental health and wellness. With a specific directive to advocate for ample expansion, standardization, and accessibility of student mental health resources, the HDSB Student Mental Health and Well-being Student Advisory Committee will articulate student concerns and develop recommendations to guide the HDSB Mental Health Yearly Action Plan, while engaging with opportunities for mental health-related education to address the stigma surrounding mental health in the HDSB.

The committee is entirely student-led; students lead the discussions, collectively decide on what issues they would like to focus on and engage in regular communication with the board to support committee goals. However, both board and admin staff will be present at meetings and engaged in the work of the committee.

Why should students get involved with the Mental Health Student Advisory Committee?

To build leadership, planning, and facilitation skills

To expand their connection with other students

To develop more positive relationships with adults

To feel heard and supported

To participate in initiatives that impact and interest them

How to get involved

The committee consists of 3 secondary & 3 elementary student representatives (s) from each Family of School region (North, East, West) across the HDSB. New student representatives are selected at the beginning of each year. The application process will begin during the last few weeks of September and the first few weeks of October. Eligible students in Grade 7 to 12 will receive communication via email alongside social media promotions about the application process.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email the committee’s Co-Chairs:

Sienna Su ( and Judy Wang (

More about us

Our Terms of Reference:  HDSB Mental Health and Well-Being Student Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference 

These are the guidelines for the way our committee operates. The Terms of Reference were created by our preliminary team from the 2022-2023 school year. They outline the purpose, the objectives, the recruitment process, the leadership selection process, the staff advisors, the communication, and the rationales of the HDSB Mental Health and Well-being Student Advisory Committee.