Halton Learning Foundation

April is HLF Month at HDSB

HLF Month is an opportunity for schools and the community to raise awareness and funds for the supports that many HDSB students need to fully engage in learning, like school supplies, food, clothing and learning opportunities. As the only charity solely dedicated to the HDSB, HLF wants to continue saying ‘yes’ to every request to support students. 

April is HLF Month 


April is HLF Month and it's a terrific time to help students needing support for food, clothing, and other necessities.

You can make a difference for HDSB students when you choose to participate in an HLF Fundraiser, including all the hard planning work you've all been doing with your respective schools.

As changemakers of the HDSB - we know you can do more - so we're challenging YOU to consider donating to the Student Senate HLF Fundraiser!

We encourage all of you to donate what you can if you can.

If we hit any of the below targets, your Student Trustees (Shrena and Sultan) will engage in fun challenges that YOU decide such as letting you throw pies in their face, dying their hair or dunking themselves in water.